Master Hand Violin Shop

  • 546 S Main Street
  • Broadway, VA 22815
  • 630/ 292-2641

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  • By Appointment Only
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    Elizabeth Ecklund

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    About Our Rentals

    Master Hand Violin Shop has the highest quality rental instruments in the Central Virginia area. We use tonally adjusted European instruments (mostly German) and wooden bows. When you come in to rent, we allow you to select the rental instrument of your choice. Master Hand has instruments for rent for all ages and sizes.

    Rental Policies

    Per our store policy, an instrument rental is comprised of an instrument, bow, and case. Instrument rentals are billed for three months at a time (or quarter - annually). The bill for the first quarter of rental is non - refundable if the instrument is returned before the three months are complete. When the third month of rent is coming to completion, bills are mailed for the next quarter; you may either pay the bill or return the instrument. If you return your instrument mid-quarter after the first quarter, we will pro-rate your bill and issue a refund if appropriate.

    Automatic payments via credit card are also available. You may request to set up automatic bill pay when you come in to rent or at any subsequent time by calling 630/ 292-2641.

    There is no fee to change sizes; simply stop by our store, and we will help you pick out an instrument for rent in the next size needed.

    There is insurance available for a one-time fee of $20.00. We highly recommend this insurance as it covers any damage to the instrument and bow except intentional destruction. Please note that string replacement is not included in the insurance, since strings break naturally in the course of owning an instrument and not due to damage.


    Rental Prices

    • Violins rent for $90.00 per quarter
    • Violas rent for $96.00 per quarter
    • Cellos and Basses rent for $150.00 per quarter

    Rent to Purchase

    While the instruments that we rent are not for sale, you may use money paid as rent to eventually purchase an instrument, bow, and case. One hundred percent of what you pay as rent will be available to put towards the purchase of an instrument up to 40% of the purchase price.

    Rental Contract

    A copy of our current rental contract is available online. You may download this agreement and fill it out before coming to Master Hand to save time or you may fill it out at the store.

    Additional Rentals

    Master Hand Violin Shop does have additional items for short term rent, such as hard cello or bass case rentals. Please call if you are interested in other rentals that we may have. For no reason do we rent expensive instruments that are for sale on our floor.